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Find solutions for translations and events with experienced professionals

We offer services to train professionals and solutions for the translation market and conference interpreting

Espaço de trabalho compartilhado

A team specialized in the translation and interpreting market

With years of experience in their respective fields, the professionals of our team are prepared to help you find the right solution.

Our courses encompass from the elaboration of your curriculum and profile in social media, marketing techniques, how to approach clients and negotiation, up to specific modules on legal translation, academic translation, subtitling, game localization, CAT tools, and more.

We also offer translation and interpreting services to help our clients in their communications, either through written documents or in meetings, conferences, and multilingual events.


Juliano Martins

Juliano Martins

Translator since 2008, he works with international clients since the beginning of his career, working with six languages. Founder of the channel Viver de Tradução, where he gives tips about the profession, and organizer of the Poliglotar Conference, he has a large experience with on-site and on-line events. He is ready to explain the ways of using platforms and tools so that translators will be able to conquer an international and successful career.

Natasha Gonda

Natasha Gonda

After 20 years in Greece, she came to live in Brazil in 2012. Being a foreigner without experience, she understood the importance of standing out before other professionals and providing a differentiated service, entering the marketplace and conquering her first clients. She graduated in Law and Human Resources, is a Greek translator and recently became a teacher at the Hellenic Community in Sao Paulo. She is our CV and profile consultant.

André Ribeiro

André Ribeiro

Professional translator and entrepreneur. He studied Telecommunications, Translation, and Interpretation. He has 11 years of experience, having passed, as a translator, by IT learning centers and translation agencies as an in-house professional. Micro-entrepreneur and businessman since 2016, with a solid portfolio of clients in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He is our consultant for personal marketing, negotiation, and entrepreneurship.

Thatna Dias

Thatna Dias

She is qualified and specialized in legal translation. Her main interest is contracts, NDAs, pleadings, grievances, patents, powers-of-attorney, statutes, letters rogatory, memos, among others. She has a general knowledge of the Brazilian Law and American Law. She is able to write legal texts, she masters the specific terminology and is able to standardize terminologies. She graduated in Translation and Interpretation by the Nove de Julho University.

Jônatas Bica

Jônatas Bica

He is specialized in game and software localization, and works since 2014 with international agencies, proofreading and translating contents in English, Mandarin and French for some of the most famous companies in the industry. He studied Web Design and Programming, Translation, and International Relations, besides being a gamer and big fan of RPG, medieval fantasy scenarios and science fiction. He can make presentations and give tips for those who wish to enter the game localization market.

Malu Krettli

Malu Krettli

Extremely passionate about languages, she started to translate as a hobby: stories, comic books, subtitling of videos of her interest. Competent in the development of translations and subtitles. She has 8 years of experience in the freelance market. She cherishes a quick job, but with extremely high quality. She is Always in search for improvement in new courses. She is responsible for the subtitling of the Worldpackers videos. Works with English, Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin.

Luiz Fernando

Luiz Fernando

Academic Translator

Lia Bittencourt

Lia Bittencourt

Tradutora e revisora de textos, com Licenciatura em Letras Inglês/Português pela Universidade Gama Filho e especialização (e amor!) em Língua Portuguesa pelo Liceu Literário Português (UERJ). Vem de Administração/Comércio Exterior, sua primeira faculdade, área em que atuou por 22 anos até tomar coragem para seguir seu sonho de criança e migrar para se tornar linguista profissional, há quatro. Também é professora de tradução do Curso DBB de Especialização de Tradutores, no Rio de Janeiro.

Robson Ribeiro

Robson Ribeiro


Rony Salles

Rony Salles

Tradutor e instrutor de idiomas há mais de 25 anos. Com atuação comprovada em tradução e interpretação de inglês, espanhol e português. Começou a se interessar pelo uso de ferramentas de tradução em 2009. Com Formação pedagógica em Letras – Inglês e Português pela UNICESUMAR. Além do interesse pela redação tradutória profissional, vem atuando em cursos especializados no uso de diversas ferramentas tecnológicas de tradução: SDL Studio, memoQ, Wordfast, X-bench, etc.

Academic Translation
CAT tools
Files Formating
Files Formating


See the available modules, as well as the dates and times of the meetings.

- The recorded classes can be watched by the enrolled students, by clicking on the links below, on the day and time of the meeting.

- The time zone is the Brazilian time, GMT-3.

August 2020

Viver de Tradução, Juliano Martins: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Marca Pessoal, Natasha Gonda: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

Empreendedor, André Ribeiro: 1 , 2

Tradução Jurídica, Thatna Dias: 1 , 2

September 2020

Viver de Tradução, com Juliano Martins       Marca Pessoal, com Natasha Gonda

Aula 1 , Aula 2 , Aula 3 , Aula 4                             Aula 1 , Aula 2 , Aula 3 , Aula 4

Tradução de Jogos, com Jônatas Bica             Empreendedor, com André Ribeiro

Aula 1 , Aula 2 , Aula 3 , Aula 4                             Aula 1 , Aula 2

Legendagem, com Malu Krettli                       Tradução Jurídica, com Thatna Dias

Aula 1 , Aula 2 , Aula 3                                           Aula 1 , Aula 2

October 2020

Português para Tradutores, Lia Bittencourt: 1 ,  , 3 , 4

Fonética e Pronúncia em Inglês, Robson Ribeiro: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Organização e Produtividade, Juliano e Natasha: 1 , 2 ,  3

CAT tools, com Rony Sales (Trados e memoQ): 1, 2, 3

November 2020

January 2021

February 2021

Viver de Tradução, com Juliano Martins

Aula 1 , Aula 2 , Aula 3 , Aula 4

Legendagem, com Malu Krettli

Aula 1 , Aula 2 , Aula 3 , Aula 4 , Aula 5

Marketing no Instagram, com Natasha Gonda

Aula 1 , Aula 2

Tradução de Jogos, com Jônatas Bica

Aula 1 , Aula 2 , Aula 3 , Aula 4 , Prática 1 , Prática 2

CAT tools, com Rony Sales (Trados e memoQ)

Trados: Aula 1, Aula 2       memoQ: Aula 1, Aula 2

Viver de Tradução, com Juliano Martins

12 de janeiro de 2021, terça-feira, às 19h

Explorando o ProZ e tudo que ele pode oferecer

19 de janeiro de 2021, terça-feira, às 19h
Entendendo CAT tools por dentro e por fora

26 de janeiro de 2021, terça-feira, às 19h
Como cobrar por uma tradução e até onde o lucro pode chegar

2 de fevereiro de 2021, terça-feira, às 19h
Dicas gerais sobre a profissão de tradutor

Tradução acadêmica, Luiz Fernando

1, 2345

March 2021

March 2021

Módulo Carreira, Natasha Gonda

​Carta de apresentação​, Currículo, LinkedIn

October 2020

Living by Translation, with Juliano Martins

(in English)

Tuesdays at 11 AM Pacific (2 PM Eastern |

4 PM Brazil | 7 PM London | 8 PM CET/Europe)

March 23rd: Exploring and everything it has to offer

March 30th: Understanding CAT tools from the inside out

April 6th: How much to charge for a translation and how to increase your profit

April 13th: General tips on the translation market

April 20th: E-mail organization, spreadsheets, and invoicing

April 27th: Keyboard shortcuts and techniques to be faster

Total Cost: 67 USD (or 375 BRL)

August 2020

Living by Translation, with Juliano Martins

(in English)

Tuesdays at 11 AM Pacific (2 PM Eastern |

4 PM Brazil | 7 PM London | 8 PM CET/Europe)

March 23rd: Exploring and everything it has to offer

March 30th: Understanding CAT tools from the inside out

April 6th: How much to charge for a translation and how to increase your profit

April 13th: General tips on the translation market

April 20th: E-mail organization, spreadsheets, and invoicing

April 27th: Keyboard shortcuts and techniques to be faster

Total Cost: 67 USD (or 375 BRL)

CAT tools avançadas, com Rony Salles

6 de março de 2021, sábado

memoQ às 14h00, Trados às 15h30

13 de março de 2021, sábado
memoQ às 14h00, Trados às 15h30



- Pre-tradução, Edição de segmentos fonte
- Edição de TMs, Gerar relatórios
- Mesclar virtualmente vários arq.
- Realizar revisão, Trabalhar com packages
- Atualizar e adicionar arquivos, Exportar para revisar
- Mudar a aparência, Pesquisar na TM, Encontrar e substituir
- Filtro avançado, Gestão de segmentos, Buscar na web

Agosto de 2021

Inglês acadêmico para TEAP, com Suzana Kallás

Neste curso, você aprenderá sobre a leitura de artigos acadêmicos, os tipos de questões do exame TEAP, as estratégias de leitura e interpretação, prefixos e sufixos e muito mais.

14 de agosto, sábado às 9h

TEAP – o que é o exame de Leitura e tipos de questões

21 de agosto, sábado às 9h

Prefixos e sufixos

28 de agosto, sábado às 9h

O uso do ING

4 de setembro, sábado às 9h

Sintagma nominal / Grupos Nominais

11 de setembro, sábado às 9h

Teste Simulado - Mock Test

Preço: R$ 125 (cento e vinte e cinco reais)

Suzana Kallas.jpeg

O mercado de tradução

e interpretação, com Juliano Timbó

Prepare-se para conhecer o mercado

internacional de tradução e interpretação,

como abordar clientes, quanto cobrar, que

ferramentas são usadas, como se organizar e ser produtivo.

9 de agosto, segunda-feira às 19h

Onde encontrar clientes de tradução e interpretação

16 de agosto, segunda-feira às 19h

Que ferramentas são necessárias

23 de agosto, segunda-feira às 19h

Como cobrar pelas traduções ou interpretações

30 de agosto, segunda-feira às 19h

Dicas gerais sobre o mercado internacional

6 de setembro, segunda-feira às 19h

Como se organizar: e-mails, planilhas e faturas

13 de setembro, segunda-feira às 19h

Como ser produtivo: atalhos no teclado,

tradução de máquina, reconhecimento de voz, etc.

Teremos um grupo de alunos no WhatsApp para acompanhamento ao longo das semanas.

E uma sessão individual de 30 minutos no Zoom para orientação personalizada com cada aluno.

Preço: R$ 170 (cento e setenta reais)

Mulher trabalhando com laptop


The meetings with the mentors will take place on the Zoom platform, which can be downloaded for free here. You can watch the classes in your computer, phone or any mobile device.

The links for the meetings will be shared with the students by email or WhatsApp.

Each meeting of the mentoring modules will last 1 hour.

The classes will be recorded, and the students will have access

to watch them later, for a limited time.

You may choose the modules according to your professional

development needs, by putting together your own course load,

according to the modules offered in each month.

We have WhatsApp groups to follow up the students,

interaction and exchange of ideas.

teclado de computador


To advance in the profession, we have to improve our skills all the time.

The Mentoring Viver de Tradução believes in continuing education and recycling of the professionals.

Taking courses, participating in congresses, workshops and meetings for translators and interpreters are excellent ways to keep updated with the market needs, the technological advances and to know the diversity of services that we can offer in the language industry.

That's why every month we offer different modules, which complement each other, so that the professionals who participate in our mentoring modules can be updated with the latest news in the international translation market, consequently being prepared to serve their clients with excellence and stand out in the profession.

Each module has a different hourly load, therefore the prices depend on that. A module will only be offered when the group has at least 10 students.

The modules can be offered in Portuguese or English.


That's it! Now choose which modules you want to participate in, depending on your professional development needs.

Payment Methods

After making the payment, get in touch and indicate the selected modules.

Bank Transfer:


Banco do Brasil, branch 4439, checking account 7356-3

Bradesco, branch 564, checking account 122168-0

NuBank, branch 001, checking account 84240951-4

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Account Holder: Juliano Timbó Martins

Account Number: 9600000000209854

Rounting Number: 084009519

Address: TransferWise, 19 W 24th Street, New York, 10010, United States

Credit Card:

Notes: (1) for credit card payments, you should make a different payment for each module;

(2) if you want to pay for a module in English, you should use the American bank account above,

or convert the value in BRL to use the Brazilian accounts.


Get in touch in case you have questions. 

Welcome to the Living by Translation Mentoring Program! We wish you a lot of success!


Find the right translators for your projects.

We have a list of professionals in several languages and fields of expertise.

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Workshop on-line


We can organize your online event: meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars.

If your event needs simultaneous translation, we can offer the services of experienced professionals, so that all participants will be at ease to speak their own languages, while they understand each other without any problems.

Let us take care of the organization, and you can be free to prepare your presentations!



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